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We have recently made some changes to the way we manage tutorials submitted from users.  Previously in the past, we have only provided links to tutorials hosted elsewhere but with broken links and web site changes, management of links became a real problem. As such, we will host all submitted tutorials from here onwards.

With this change, all tutorials submitted will be given due credit with the allowance of one back link, an author profile and revenue sharing scheme limited to Google Adsense. Our system allows us to show your Adsense ads using your Adsense and Channel ID on a 50/50 basis.  Meaning, 50% of the time, the Adsense ads will be displayed using your ID and the other 50% will be ours for your own articles only. This ensures you're reimbursed for your hard efforts and work.


To submit your tutorial, we require the following in a zip file:-

1. Tutorial
Steps in either a word or text file. All images must be in JPEG or GIF format and the width of images must not exceed 445px.

2. Thumbnail
Please include a 50px by 50px thumbnail in JPEG or GIF format

3. Author Profile (Once only)
Please provide a profile about yourself in less than 75 words and also an image of yourself (if you like) - 100px by 100px in size.

3. Credit Information and Back Link (Optional)
This can be included in the tutorial file. You can include a small paragraph of less than 100 words about your similar work or other relevant information and the web site or page to link back to.

4. Google Adsense (Optional)
Please include your Adsense (and channel) ID for the revenue sharing scheme.

Once done, please send your file to submission [AT] photoshop101 [DOT] com


By submitting your tutorial(s) to us, you're legally committing yourself to an agreement that the work you're providing Photoshop 101 is purely your own or have the original owner's permission to have it published on our website.  Any breach of copyright, intellectual property or other legal/criminal matters from the work submitted to Photoshop 101 is purely the responsibility of the Author or Person responsible for the submission of the tutorial(s).

Photoshop 101 are also not responsible for any actions that maybe taking against your Adsense account under any circumstances brought on by Google Inc. Photoshop 101 is merely a facilitator in this transaction.

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