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    Punched Eye Smiley

    A cheeky, punch eyed smiley icon for your use.

    Swing Animation

    Learn to make a crude looking swing in animation.

    Flying Angel

    Learn to draw and animate a flying angel.

    Digital Gadgets Web Header

    Create a gadget's theme header for your website.

    Realtor's Banner

    Create an animated advertising banner for realtors.

    Moonlight Header

    Create a moonlight header against the backdrop of the night sky.

    Animate GIF Banner

    Learn to design a standard banner and animate it as well.

    Draps and Knots Header

    Creating a clean drapes and knots style web header.

    eBay Style Web Ad

    Need an idea and a style to create a retro eBay ad? Look no further.

    Animated Football Banner

    Make a cool animated banner for a sports site.
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