The first thing that you need for this tutorial is a digital camera and a tripod or at least a surface where you can rest camera so it doesn’t move.

Step 1

This first step is to work out your scene. I have chosen my workspace where I do my work. Others may want to do it outside or somewhere more imaginative. 

The next step is to prepare your camera and setup your work area.  As you can see from the image above I have chosen to leave my LCD’s in place and that I want my Laptop LCD to be transparent.

Step 2

Take a photograph with your digital camera without the laptop on the bench.

Now take a photograph with the laptop on the desk. As you can see, my keyboard directly behind the Laptop LCD display.

Step 3

Open both these images up using Photoshop.
Copy the image with laptop to the original image by dragging the layer from one image to the other.

You should now have both images in one work area. To see if the images line up, change the opacity on the layer.  You may need to nudge the image a little bit.