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Swiss Watch Postcard
Sam Lee

The traveller who wants to see the world.

By Sam Lee
Published on April 17, 2008
Designing a promotional postcard for a watch company.

Start by applying a solid black color to the background layer.

Create a rectangular strip using rectangular shape tool. use a very dark shade of gray.

Create a small rectangle using rectangular shape tool. Use a slightly lighter shade of gray. this time. Place as shown.

Using line tool create two lines. One above the rectangle and one below it.

Create a rectangle using rectangular shape tool. Place it as shown.

Select the bottom right node of the rectangle. Move it towards right to get a shape as shown.

Using line tool create a few vertical line.

Create some more lines of varying widths and different shades of gray.

Create a square by pressing shift while using rectangular shape tool.

Double click the layer to open layer style window. Apply layer style with the settings shown.

After applying stroke reduce the fill value of the square layer to zero in layer palette.

Duplicate square layer three times and place as shown.

Insert a cutout of watch.

Change the layer mode to pin light.

Reduce opacity to 20%.

Move this layer below all the layers in layer order in layer palette.

Insert the watch cutout again. Scale down and place as shown.

Press Ctrl+U to open hue/saturation settings window. Apply settings as shown.

Type the punch line using a nice font.

Place company logo at the bottom right.